Pure Passion –

MIXING culture

Part of a good corporate culture is to share the company’s success with others. That characterises us as a team all over the world and shapes our focus on our trend value: sustainability.

Passion for others

Every year the HF MIXING GROUP‘s companies commit to help socially disadvantaged people and get involved with projects for culture and children all over the world. In 2012, we collected several thousand euros which, for example, gave new hope to people in Ghana and also supported many regional projects and events.

After the tsunami in Indonesia in 2005, an orphanage located in the worst affected region of Banda Aceh was supported. This orphanage was founded by a group of first-aid doctors. According to the first-aiders on site, the children – being the socially weakest group – partici­pated fewest in the worldwide support. Still today the children are given accommodation, provided with food as well as medical care and school support.

A non-profit association organises funding (learn more: www.tsunami-waisenkinderhilfe.de, one of the contact persons is Dr Dr Rieffel, Lippstadt, Germany).

Every year a large portion of the donations goes to the leukaemia organisation ‘Comitato Maria Letizia Verga’ in Castellanza, Italy – a volunteer organisation that organises treatment for children with leukaemia. ‘Comitato Maria Letizia Verga’ was founded in 1979 to connect parents and friends of sick children with professional doctors who can treat leukaemia in the Paediatric Clinic in S. Gerardo Hospital in Monza, Italy.

Better quality of life for sick children

The HF MIXING GROUP is committed to this organisation because it helps children and their families to best deal with the disease in the medical and psychological sense, and promises them a good chance of recovery as well as a restora­tion of quality of life. Donations are collected, for example, through the sale of Christmas trees and Easter eggs on the respective holidays.

Another organisation that is actively supported by us is ‘Mater Orphanorum’. This organisation helps disadvantaged children aged 3 to 11 to cope with difficult life situations in an appropriate way and accompanies them on their way to a better future.

High-quality care for pupils

Today, in more and more families, both parents work. This often brings the family under pressure. Although kindergartens usually offer sufficient childcare for the little ones with regard to time, in Germany primary school children can mostly go to all-day schools when parents are working full time. This has the disadvantage that off-peak times such as school holidays and times before school or after 4 o’clock cannot be covered. This means that in total there is a level of low flexibility. Furthermore, qualified homework help is usually not possible.

The HF MIXING GROUP supports a pilot project of the Protestant family centre ‘Sternenzelt’ in Freudenberg, Germany, where the care of primary school children is ensured in a way that is flexible in time and academically demanding. This project is also supported by the European Union as well as other partners in the Freudenberg region. Parents can only perform well on the job, when they know their children are being well looked after. In times of increasing flexibility of working hours, this is becoming more and more important and the HF MIXING GROUP is committed not only for socially motivated reasons, but also for increasing employer attractiveness.

Many thanks to all donors – we wish all organisations good luck and success in their important work!