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HF NaJUS: a reliable member of the big family

The production site in Slovakia is a real asset to the entire group and has potential for the future.

It is the latest addition to the HF MIXING GROUP family: HF NaJUS. The Slovakian company with its 300 employees joined the group of companies on 8 November 2012. The youngest member specialises in the production of components and special machinery. One particular focus of its activities for the group of companies also lies in this area.

The newcomer HF NaJUS may appear to play a subordinate role at first glance – with annual turnover of around 15 million euros, the Slovakian company previously owned by Rona, one of the leading companies in the glass industry, would appear to take a back seat. However, importance cannot be measured by means of the balance sheet alone: the new Slovakian site is primarily significant for the high number of manufacturing hours. Around 250,000 manufacturing hours in Slovakia are accrued producing components, assembly groups and complete machines. Of those, 60 per cent of the overall manufacturing capacity is for the HF MIXING GROUP.

‘We have transformed ourselves from a company which almost exclusively supplied products as an extended workbench of the glass industry into a company working for a modern and financially healthy group of companies which earns its money manufacturing machinery. It is an opportunity for our employees to work in a stable production environment without constantly having to ask themselves what the future holds,’ summarises Mario Chudy, commercial manager of HF NaJUS.

HF NaJUS is a company with a long tradition: when it was founded in 1929 its main focus was on the production of appliances and tools. There followed a period of more than 80 years during which the activities of the company were rather chequered. It was most recently involved in the glass industry and responsible for overhauling measures and producing spare parts for the parent company. In addition, the then ZTS-LR NaJUS a.s. served a market of external customers as a supplier of components, assembly groups and machinery. That was also the origins of the cooperation with the HF MIXING GROUP. HF NaJUS is set to continue serving the market for external customers and specialise in certain product groups in the third-party business.

However, the main focus will be on manufacturing components and special machinery for the group. In addition, it will also produce CONVEX™ machines for Pomini Rubber & Plastics. The latest member of the group is set to use 60 per cent of its capacity for the HF MIXING GROUP in future and make 40 per cent available to external customers. ‘In terms of procurement we noticed an immediate difference after NaJUS merged with the HF MIXING GROUP,’ reports procurement manager Roman Baláz. ‘Our suppliers immediately showed a greater interest in the company, which was also reflected in the delivery periods. Internally, I have also noticed positive changes in the thinking and attitudes of our colleagues, which is undoubtedly due to the fact that visible and tangible investments have been made in the company,’ says the procurement manager.

HF NaJUS is positive about the future. Around 300 committed employees work at the Dubnica site in Slovakia – 215 in production and the remaining 85 in administration. On an area covering some 20,000 square metres, the production halls employ people in the areas of welding, smaller and medium-sized mechanical engineering, major mechanical engineering and assembly work. A broad range of modern machinery provides the ideal conditions for producing high-quality components for the HF MIXING GROUP machines. Opportunities for expansion may be possible in the event of further positive growth. There are also some very well-known names among the customers outside the HF MIXING GROUP, including Brückner, Federal Mogul, Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik, BWG, Bronx and Andritz AG.

‘We are convinced that we will satisfy our new clients within the HF MIXING GROUP just as much as we have satisfied our external customers in the past. We will be a reliable member of the big HF family,’ says Mario Chudy, commercial manager. ‘As the latest experience shows: we are mixing well together!’