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HF MIXING GROUP enlarges its Mixing Room Solutions capabilities

HF MIXING GROUP strategy clearly has a focus for mixing room systems all delivered out of one hand.

Ian Wilson, Vice President Sales & Marketing

Rather than the delivery of individual machinery for mixing applications, the market requires a concept for entire system solutions which not only include machines and modules, but also automation and all the auxiliary products which are integrated into a system. The HF MIXING GROUP's strategy is to provide complete and sustainable mixing solutions.

With this in mind the HF MIXING GROUP aims to extend its capabilities and better serve this market based on the following organizational changes and re-structuring.

Joint co-operation with B&K Wäge & Anlagentechnik

Increased level of competency in upstream material handling equipment, HF MIXING GROUP announces a strategic co-operation with B&K Wäge- & Anlagentechnik GmbH, Germany with a focus on weighing, storage, feeding, dosing of raw materials and liquids that are tailored to system requirements.

Based on the know-how of company Fix-Steimel (1925), B&K has been founded in 2002. This longtime experience and know-how of B&K, allows the HF MIXING GROUP to further expand its product portfolio and in the future have access to their upstream equipment and plant engineering resource.

According to HF it’s logical to expand the competency in upstream material handling solutions. Dense phase conveying systems for fillers is a standard solution for B&K. Whilst on the other hand, B&K is now able to offer weigh feed systems with the automation solutions developed by HF MIXING GROUP.

We believe that in this strategic co-operation we have found an optimum and future-oriented solution for both parties. In the medium term, we will jointly co-operate on research and development to address technological challenges in the field of material weighing and dosing.

Mesabi Control Engineering joins the HF MIXING GROUP

HF strengthens its leading position for automation solutions by acquiring 100% of the shares of Mesabi Control Engineering, Ltd., Minnesota USA, making Mesabi the latest addition to the HF MIXING GROUP. As part of the acquisition, Mesabi’s experienced management team of John Beaudoin and Nora Hahn will continue to manage the business, ensuring continuing support for Mesabi’s broad customer base.

Bringing Mesabi into the HF MIXING GROUP will bring benefits for both the businesses and their customers.  Systems automation is one of the fastest growing segments in the rubber compounding industry. However, it is also a segment with high research and development costs relative to the market size, making the market challenging for smaller providers.  Also, with the growing sophistication of automation systems, HF’s global customers are increasingly demanding strong local support for HF’s products.

In many markets there is a strong customer demand for a customized automation solution, taking care of the local customer’s special requirements. Bringing Mesabi into the HF MIXING GROUP gives HF a strong presence in the United States market as Mesabi is without doubt the local market leader for systems automation of batch mixing lines. Mesabi will continue to support and service its MixVision automation software and Mesabi’s customers will enjoy the strong support of HF MIXING GROUP’s global reach and strong research and development team.  At the same time Mesabi will be able to provide customization of HF’s ADVISE® automation system for the American market and Mesabi’s experienced automation systems team will be able to provide strong local support for HF’s ADVISE® automation system customers in the American market.

New Vice President Sales & Marketing HF MIXING GROUP

Due to the complexity and importance of entire systems projects and to address the change in customer needs, giving consideration to single source solutions, more group focus and attention in sales is required.

This additional emphasis and concentration effort required, means there is a need to re-structure, establishing a HF MIXING GROUP Sales organization that has extended customer focus under a centralized leadership.

HF announce a new appointment of a Vice President Sales & Marketing for group-wide global management of the HF MIXING GROUP sales organisation whose primary tasks are to co-ordinate all of the sales activities as well as sales-related services such as marketing.

Effective from the 1st October 2017, HF names Ian Wilson as the new Vice President of Sales & Marketing, member of the HF MIXING GROUP Board of Management. Ian Wilson started his career at HF MIXING GROUP in 1985 at Francis Shaw & Co. Ltd. and has more than 30 years’ of experience in internal mixer design, engineering, sales and product management. Wilson combines a strong technical background and polymer processing knowledge together with a longtime sales experience in the rubber processing market. Since 2010 Wilson had managed the HF MIXING GROUP’s Tangential Business Unit Farrel Limited based in Rochdale England.

"From a single machine to an entire System"

The worldwide leading polymer processing equipment manufacturers Harburg-Freudenberger, Farrel and Pomini Rubber & Plastics have been working together as the HF MIXING GROUP since 2010. Each of these companies brings with it a long history and strength in the construction of machines, engineering of mixing room controls and automation as well as complete solutions for the rubber processing industries.

Together the HF MIXING GROUP provides comprehensive expertise for customized solutions for its worldwide customer base at its locations in Germany, United Kingdom, the USA, Italy and Slovakia.