We know the processes and requirements of the rubber processing industry. They served as the basis for the conceptual design of the Technical Center, thereby enabling us to create a realistic production environment and optimal test conditions.

The programming of the processes – from weighing out the individual raw materials to mixing them in the laboratory equipment – is fully automated using our in-house automation system ADVISE® ES. Decoupled weighing technology and a dedicated weighing room ensure optimal production conditions.

The building that houses the Technical Center has no columns and features energy-effi cient construction. As with our machines, here too we have focused on sustainability.

„We not only build machinery, we also advise our customers. Working together with them, we always fi nd the best solution. The Technical Center, which has been specifi cally designed and built for this purpose, represents an important step toward achieving that end. Our process specialists can carry out development work here together with their customers’ experts."

Mark Meulbroek