Expertise in optimising our customers processes

The HF MIXING GROUP can look back on a long tradition of providing machinery for tyre manufacturers, for the technical rubber goods industry and for the special applications sector. This gives us expertise across a broad range of applications. Our extensive, highly qualified and internationally operating team possesses a high-level of process engineering expertise and extensive know-how in automation.

We have been operating a technical center at the Freudenberg site since 1998. In 2011 it underwent a redesign and expansion to become the most modern of its kind in the industry. It is equipped with a tangential and an intermeshing laboratory mixer with a laboratory mixing mill, two complete intermeshing and tangential production lines with variable downstream equipment, as well as the latest weighing and testing equipment. The fully equipped mixing room enables customers to test our machines under real-life conditions and to obtain advice from our process experts – because the perfect process is our shared goal and a basis for the future.

We work with universities, with the latest developments from systems engineering, and with our international engineering team and are therefore uniquely placed to keep the technical center apace with all the latest trends.

Comprehensive expertise for customised solutions

The HF MIXING GROUP impresses through a comprehensive level of technical expertise. With more than 150 years of experience, we are the engineering experts for the rubber processing industry. Our broad manufacturing and product know-how as well as our high level of innovation make us the ideal partner for any company within the industry – from the small niche manufacturer through to the major automotive supplier. We have a high-level of expertise in systems and control engineering – for each different market sector. We develop designs with customers ranging from one-off machines through to fully equipped mixing rooms. Our engineers work with each customer to deliver solutions best suited to the individual circumstances. We are the only manufacturer worldwide to offer such a complete portfolio of services.

To maintain a high level of expertise across all areas, we prioritise staff training. A dedicated instructor works intensively with trainees who are also able to follow a dual course of training and bachelor study. To provide additional training for our employees, we operate our own Training Center. We also work closely with university departments and research centres and place great emphasis within our international group on sharing developmental work. In this way we aim to keep providing the best solutions for our customers into the future.

Experience our commitment

Close cooperation with customers is at the core of our company philosophy. Direct contact between customer employees and our own employees is something we prioritise. Commitment, fast response times and high availability are important pillars in how we relate to our customers.

To optimise direct channels of communication, we attach great importance to our sales staff acquiring the broadest range of technical knowledge possible. In this way, we believe that we can create optimal, personalised customer relations at both technical and sales levels. This is what we understand as presenting “one face to the customer”, and this is what creates transparency!

Pragmatic solutions

Our corporate values mean we perform with passion, reliability, ambition and sustainability. But our actions are not restricted by fixed principles. We want to give customers pragmatic and straightforward solutions to their problems. A non-hierarchical organisational structure helps to achieve this – with even the boss getting involved! Our global, localised sites and service stations mean we can always respond quickly and in the right time zone while taking into account local circumstances. This is what we understand as customer proximity and what maximises customer comfort and convenience. A decentralised organisation enables processes to be optimised, and non-bureaucratic structures allow us to act fast while focussing on solutions for the benefit of our customers.

A sustainable approach for safe and secure performance

Every aspect of our business is based on sustainability and the long term. Good customer relationships and enduring customer satisfaction are more important to us than short-term profit. We therefore invest regularly and heavily in staff, in research and development and in production facilities. This investment pays off in low staff turnover, a high degree of innovation, and success in our overall performance. Sustainability for us includes the duty to provide customers with lifetime servicing and replacement parts for our machines so that they can confidently plan for the long term.

Security and sustainability are important factors, and not just for products and services. Our stable shareholder structure gives security as does our organisational set up with its built-in backup procedures. Just as important are healthy, motivated and well-qualified staff. We know that health promotion at work is an investment in the future so we are doing this by, for example, running our own company gyms.