The Banbury Centenary Celebration Continues At ITEC 2016!

September 13th to 15th, 2016 in Akron / USA

ITEC 2016 was a great success, not only for event organizers but also for the HF Group. HF was given an opportunity for a ‘Special Unit’ of presentations that consisted of a 6-part presentation series celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Banbury®. Presentation were given by Bill Flaherty (History of Rubber Mixing), Pete Glasser (Downstream Equipment), Joel Harper (Modern Day Control Systems), Quentin Hartley (Process Engineering), Bob McNabb (Engineered Systems), and Ian Wilson (Current Level of Mixing Technology).

ITEC continued in HF’s yearlong celebration of the Banbury with the ‘HF Banbury Beer Garden’. This event gave attendees the opportunity to gather and meet each other.

However, the show-stopper for HF was the award Prof. Dr. Limper received: the Harold Herzlich Distinguished Technology Medal, which was awarded during a special breakfast ceremony for ITEC attendees. This prestigious medal was awarded in recognition, and appreciation, of Prof. Dr. Limper’s contributions to the tire manufacturing industry and in honor of his track record of turning theories in to practicality. Congratulations Dr. Limper!