HF at the 12th Siegerland AOK Company Running Challenge

June 24th, 2015 in Siegen / Germany

9,000 runners participated in this year’s Siegerland AOK company running challenge and of course there was a HF team! They started with the motto “It’s all about the mixture“. All 19 members of the team were able to make the 5.5 km trail from Weidenau Bismarckplatz via the train station back to the finish in Weidenau.

The event was a huge success for all those involved, including our team and are already looking forward to July 6th, 2016 when the next company competition will take place…

The official website of the Siegerland AOK company running challenge including pictures, results and other interesting stuff can be found here: http://www.siegerlaender-aok-firmenlauf.de