HF at the DKT/IRC 2015

German and International Rubber Conference - June 29th to July 2nd, 2015 in Nuremberg / Germany

The German and International Rubber Conference 2015 (DKT/IRC) had a record number of attendees. 

By 1st July 2015, three-thousand experts and management from all over the world had already visited the world-wide largest trade show of its kind. According to the organizers statement, at least another thousand people had also registered their interest to attend the parallely taking place symposium in which more than 120 lectures were scheduled to be held. Demand for exhibition areas and admission tickets prior to the event were at record level.

The German Rubber Conference is regarded as a global meeting point for all important associates of the rubber and elastomer industry enabling over thirty different countries to come together and network under one roof in Nuremberg. With this being the case, HF MIXING GROUP could not miss this event! Having frequented the event for many years, HF MIXING GROUP were lucky enough to have their own booth as well as hosting a number of lectures at the symposium over the few days. 

The lecture held by Prof. Dr. Andreas Limper (Management Board) and Maik Rinker (Director of the Business Unit Systems & Automation) gave an insight into the world of process engineering and mixing room processes.

A lecture on the development of the optimal mixing process demonstrated by the aggregate size distribution of carbon black was held by Dr. Harald Keuter (Director of the Business Unit Intermeshing Mixers) on the third day of the series of lectures.

On the final day of the event Maira Magnani (Ford Research Center) gave an insight into the compounding of natural fibre reinforced thermoplasts through the use of an internal mixer. She then presented the results of the research into material composition and process parameters carried out by HF MIXING GROUP in cooperation with Ford.
The next German Rubber Conference (DKT) will take place in 2018 and the next International Rubber Conference (IRC) will take place in 2021. Again, both will be organized by the German Rubber Society in cooperation with the trade association of the German rubber industry (WDK).

Click here for the official Website of the DKT/IRC: http://www.dkt2015.de/