HF at the Trade Show for Apprenticeship in Siegen

May 06th + 07th, 2015 in Siegen / Germany

It’s all about the mixture!

This year the Siegen Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a trade show for apprenticeships. HF were lucky enough to get one of the much sought-after booths in the Siegerlandhalle and were therefore apart of the trade show for the second year running.

More than 120 stands were exhibited by employers, professional institutions and schools. Roughly 4,500 young people came to the Siegerlandhalle seeking information regarding potential job opportunities in the Siegen-Wittgenstein region.

This year we opted for a new booth design which displayed photos of our current apprentices. The booth design reinforced our motto “It’s all about the mixture” - because we believe we can only succeed collectively if there is a good mixture of people, of all personalities.  

We had a fantastic and productive two days, we consulted with many interested students and answered many questions about our apprenticeship’s at HF; we shall hopefully be seeing some of them in the not so distant future!