HF Mixing Group bids farewell to Prof. Dr. Andreas Limper

After 28 years of successful work, the Co-CEO of the HF Mixing Group is largely retiring from his active career.

The technical progress of mixing processes in the rubber processing industry is closely linked to the work of Prof. Dr. Andreas Limper. He shaped many ideas and the resulting developments. Now, after 28 years of successful work at the HF Mixing Group and ThyssenKrupp Elastomertechnik, the Co-CEO of the HF Mixing Group is largely retiring, starting from April 30th, 2019, from his active career.

In future, Prof. Dr. Limper will devote more time to research topics in the industry. On the one hand as part of his consulting function at the HF Mixing Group, where he will actively participate in some of the development projects pursued there, and on the other hand through his teaching and research activities at the IKV at the RWTH Aachen, where he provides advice and support to the scientific working groups in the field of rubber. International research co-operations, e.g. with the University of Groningen on the subject of Artificial Intelligence, are also planned. In addition to these tasks, Prof. Dr. Limper will in future act as 1st Deputy Chairman of the DKG Executive Board.