HFMG Summer Party - Football Tournament in Slovakia

July 3rd to 5th, 2015 in Dubnica / Slovakia

During the hot and sunny weekend of July 3-5,  HF Mixing Group employees from each European business unit  came together for the annual Football tournament.  This year it was HF Najus‘ turn to host the competition. In all,  roughly 250 employees took part; a lot of fun was had by all  and there was a  great opportunity to experience the culture of the host country.

On Friday, July 3rd, all colleagues from Germany, England and Italy were taken on an excusrion to see Trencin Castle to learn  bit of Slovak history. Later on guests were treated to dinner, alfresco style, at the  Cannon Bastion courtyard which was  complimented beautifully by the gorgeous sunset and background sounds of live saxaphone music.

The next day, everyone was transfered  from their resepctive  hotels in spa Trencianske Teplice  to  HF NaJUS  for a factory tour.  The international  guests  could  see both the „old“ manufacturing area and a newly built hall where the assembly of intercompany orders take place.

After the tour had taken place it was a time for the games to begin!  The Summer Party was officially open and tournament began. Teams from  HF-Freudenberg, Farrel and HF Najus  battled it out in the blazing sun to become HF Football Champions. Finally,  after a long, hard slog  HF Najus became winners for the very first time. In second place came Farrel and taking home third place were HF Germany. Unfortuantely, Pomini had not nominated enough players this year so were unable to take place; however we are confident they will come back fighting next year.  As well as the football match, there were also many other challenges that took place such as tug-of-war, plank walking and a throwing. After the competition had taken place ther was some post-match entertainment to be enjoyed in the form of some local children singing folk songs;  this was also followed by a disco.

On Sunday morning, groups from Freudenberg, Farrel and Pomini made their way back home with just the Pomini group making  a brief stop in Vienna before taking their flight back in the evening.  

It is clear that despite differences in nationality, language and country, traditional events events such as the football tournament help confirm that the HF Mixing group is working together extremely well and  actively  pursuing  the same objective, i.e. mutual cooperation and success in each of the business units.