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Universal mixer with strong mixing tradition

Original Werner & Pfleiderer Design at ACHEMA 2018

The best known brand for universal mixer? When answering this question you will arrive quickly to the name of Werner & Pfleiderer which has dominated the market fordecades. Five years ago the HF MIXING GROUP has added the universal mixer to its product portfolio, now marketed as UMIX, and has successfully expanded its business with this addition. The UMIX is based on the original Werner & Pfleiderer design and has been further developed by HF to a state-of-the-art product. At the ACHEMA 2018, from June 11th to 15th in Frankfurt, HF displayed a 2,5-liter UMIX.

For universal use in different industries

The UMIX series includes laboratory mixers with volumes from 0,25 to 8 litres as well as production mixers with a useful volume up to 4.300 litres. The machines are designed to process medium and highly viscous compounds from various sectors such as silicones, adhesives and adhesive masses, colours pigments and ceramics. The kneading machines can also easily mix chewing gum and chocolate. Depending on mixer size and application the machines are equipped with removable or tiltable trough, with bottom discharge valve or discharge screw. Worldwide well-known manufacturers of silicone cables, adhesives or coloured pigments are key customers and use the UMIX universal mixer for research, development and production purposes. As the service of the W&P universal mixer has been taken over as well, original spare parts and services can be provided even for mixers manufactured in the sixties of the last century.

High-performance ADVISE® control sets standards

The in-house developed ADVISE® is the standard control system, offering various configurations for process control, data analysis and report generation.

With optional moduels, the ADVISE® can control the entire process, starting from raw material, through mixing to the final product. This includes the linking of indiviual mixing steps to a complete mixing cycle. Key parameters such as mixing time, rotor speed as well as the temperature of the compound are displayed and recorded for each individual step.

Thanks to the intuitive design of the 19" graphical interface the user will become quickly familiarised with the operation of the machine.