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Outstanding service performance at HF Freudenberg

The service we offer to our customers around the world is unique. We would like to illustrate this with an example.

A customer in the tire industry logged an issue with us, stating that water was leaking from their forty-four-year-old production mixer. As the customer had to keep this mixer in production due to a full order book and tight schedule, he contacted our service department. Instantly, the HF service team knew that they would need to bring the mixer to Freudenberg for processing / repair with the assistance of the customer, maintenance and service team of HFMG.

Prior to this the customer disassembled the mixer and it was subsequently shipped overnight by courier to Freudenberg and arrived early Tuesday morning. The complete assembly was then carried out over three shifts by the customer’s maintenance team alongside HF-staff.
The worn and leaky mixing chamber was replaced with a reconditioned mixing chamber that was in stock at HF. After various other smaller repairs the reassembled machine was returned back to the customer and was back in use by Saturday morning. All in all, the customer’s machine was down for less than a week!

A great joint effort from both the customer and HF service team!