Production Conditions | HF Mixing Group

Real production conditions permit reliable results

Once the requisite quality has been achieved in the laboratory, the processes are scaled up to the production equipment. Here the Technical Center provides all of the possibilities of a modern mixing room.

Depending on the specific needs, mixing trials can be performed on either a Tangential or Intermeshing rotor mixing line. All the equipment used is linked to our in-house ADVISE® integrated automation system which provides complete and reliable data collection so that meaningful and robust results are obtained. 

The Technical Center provides all the possibilities of the modern mixing room. Once the requisite quality has been achieved and confirmed by real results from the centers laboratory the processes can be scaled up to the production sized equipment.The following equipment is available for testing:

  • BN 20N mixer (tangential rotor system)
  • IM 45E mixer (intermeshing rotor system)
  • UMIX 80 TSS mixer (universal mixer with no automated material feeding system)
  • Batch transport system for free selection of downstream aggregates
    • ø 550 x 1500 production mixing rolling mill (downstream aggregate)
    • CONVEX 2 twin-screw extruder (downstream aggregate configured with strip nozle or underwater pelletising)
    • Batch-off system for strip or sheet cooling