is dominant in its market. Among the high-calibre ranks
is Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH as a
globally leading manufacturer of kneading machines
and complete mixing room solutions for the tyre and
technical rubber goods industry. Among the reasons
given for its inclusion, the anthology states that HF has
set milestones in the efficient production of high-per-
formance tyres with the tandem process. As such, the
company has made an important contribution towards
meeting requirements in relation to the new EU tyre label.
Energy efficiency and safety of vehicles have been im-
proved thanks to products and systems from the HF
UMIX production returns to Freudenberg
Harburg-Freudenberger, Freudenberg, Germany
On 1 July, Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH
took over the ‘Universal kneader’ business unit from
Coperion GmbH. As a result, HF can now supply new
systems featuring technology developed by Coperion,
as well as servicing and spare parts for the machines.
With this acquisition, the company is strengthening its
own product portfolio of mixer designs and broadening
its field of application. The universal mixer, which is
marketed under the name UMIX as a distinct product
group, had already been built in Freudenberg up until
1985. At the time, the predecessor companies of
Coperion and Harburg-Freudenberger were still united
under the same roof as Werner & Pfleiderer. UMIX mixers
differ from other classic internal mixers on account of
their lighter design, lower investment costs and the fact
that they can be used for mixing goods with lower vis-
cosity (see page 30 for more detailed information on
Otto Huth now in charge of the
Italian operation
Pomini Rubber & Plastics, Rescaldina, Italy
On 1 January, Otto Huth took over from Riccardo Curti
at the head of Pomini. Curti retired at the end of last
year and in future will support the HF MIXING Group as
a consultant. The new man in Italy is a qualified engineer
specialising in plastics technology and lived most re-
cently in Switzerland. In the last decade he initially
transformed the Huber+Suhner mixing works into a
business unit. Following its subsequent divestment as
Compounds AG, this was taken over by the now
51-year-old. Compounds AG is a manufacturer of com-
pounds for technical rubber goods and discontinuous
vulcanised rubber profiles. In 2008, under the aegis of
Otto Huth, a new factory for mixing and extruding was
built, which is among the most modern of its kind in
Europe. ‘Managing Pomini RP and thus also the business
unit twin-screw discharge extruders represents a very
interesting challenge for me,’ says the new managing
director. ‘I am motivated by the balance of cultural differ-
ences between the various locations on the one hand
and the opportunity to work in a committed and effi-
cient team in Italy on the other. I also like the technical
standing of the HF MIXING GROUP, its international
set-up and its global customer base.’
Relocation to a new and modern building
Pomini Rubber & Plastics, Rescaldina, Italy
In April, the employees of Pomini RP moved from Cas-
tellanza to a new and modern company building in
Rescaldina. ‘This move was a big change – especially
in organisational terms,’ reports the former managing
director Riccardo Curti, who had left the company at
the end of last year, but still oversaw the move in spring.
The change of location has mostly been viewed posi‑
tively by the employees in the Italian business unit. ‘The
move allowed us to grow together more as a group,’
recalls Chiara Turconi from the sales department. ‘Our
daily work activities are now completely independent of
the company Pomini Tenova. The new offices are nice
and modern – in perfect keeping with our attitude to
life.’ Silvia Ravezzani from the ISO department, who
has been working for the company for two years, sees
things in a similar way: ‘When I saw the new building for
the first time, I was very impressed. It is modern, bright
and elegant. That also describes Pomini and the life-
style of its employees. The Italian style of the building
suits us perfectly.’ Stefano Ferrarato from the engineering
department looks back rather wistfully at the move:
‘For people like me, who have been with the company
for a long time, leaving the historical Pomini site was
New managing director:
Otto Huth, engineer specialising in plastics technology.
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