like being uprooted, but I now view the new start here
positively – like being born again.’ His colleague Raoul
Sbrozzi from customer service adds: ‘At first there was
a brief feeling of being disoriented along with a few nos-
talgic moments – which is to be expected after so
many years in Castellanza. However, I have now accli-
matised perfectly: the new site is modern, big and
bright, and the location is nice and quiet. Everything is
getting better by the day and I am happy. Fortunately,
one thing has not changed: the people I work with
every day.
mixer available at
the customer demonstration facility
Farrel Pomini, Oxford, USA
A new BR1600 Banbury
mixer has recently been
commissioned and is available for demonstration in the
customer demonstration facility in Oxford, Connecticut,
USA. The ASTM-certified mixer is equipped with Advise
ES mixer control and data acquisition software, which
is HF MIXING GROUP’s latest mixer control and data
acquisition and management software. In support of the
mixer is a 6 inch x 13 inch roll mill for post-mixer sheeting
of the product.The BR1600 is very well suited to both
laboratory and small production environments for
rubber and plastic batch mixing. Specific applications
include compound development, raw material analysis
and quality control documentation, mixing procedure
development as well as employee training. The mixer
available for trial and demonstration features 2-wing
standard rotors and a 3-zone water-based temperature
control system for independent control of the metal
temperature of the rotors, sides and door top as well as
a 40 hp (35 kW) variable frequency AC motor and drive.
To ensure a pleasant environment, there is a dust and
fume enclosure that connects to an extraction system.
The operator interface and remote workstation for mul-
tiple mixer recipe management and analysis provide a
full capability mixer control. It’s possible to supply mul-
tiple input data from production mixers for comparative
analysis, providing a real world reference during a trial
phase. The Advise
ES software the customer experi-
ences during trial is extendable to multiple lab or produc-
tion mixing lines.
For trials, demonstrations or more information, please
New assembly hall for batch mixers
HF Rubber Machinery, Topeka, USA
Work on a new assembly hall was completed in mid-
November at HF Rubber Machinery in Kansas – per-
fectly timed to coincide with the strategic decision to
consolidate the North American batch mixer business
unit in Topeka and serve customers in this sector from
here. The new hall covers 5,600 square metres in total
and is more than 13 metres high. It provides room for a
1,700-square-metre warehouse, has a 600-square-metre
workshop area and five assembly areas, which take up
a total area of 1,600 square metres. Seven or eight
mixers can be assembled here at the same time. The
hall also provides sufficient space for storing supplies,
painting, final assembly and dismantling used mixers.
In addition, there is a sandblaster and an office area
complete with conference room. It was possible to as-
semble the first mixers here after the warehouse had
been relocated to the new hall at the beginning of the
The offices in Italy: modern, bright and inviting.
The new Pomini site in the Italian municipality of Rescaldina is a sight to behold!
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