CP4000 Series II™ Compact Processor
Farrel Pomini, Oxford, USA
FARREL POMINI enhanced its line of CP Series II™
Compact Processors with the larger format CP4000.
When we thought about developing a larger sized pro-
cessor, everyone on the team was in agreement that it
needed to be the most efficient CP designed to date.
We strove to design a processor that was efficient in
the key areas of processing, energy and maintenance.
The CP4000 is arguably the most efficient we’ve pro-
duced with up to 60 per cent higher production capac‑
ity over the next size CP2500 and a compact footprint
that’s only marginally larger than the CP2500 footprint.
The Compact Processor is an integrated continuous
mixer and extruder system with an extremely wide
range of applications including compounds with high
levels of fillers and colour master batches. The CP4000 is
the largest possible machine that can follow this format.
The CP4000 bridges the gap between our two most
popular equipment models – the CP2500 and the 9UM
plus 12" Extruder enhancing our options for medium to
large size master batch producers. It allows the effi-
cient Compact Processor concept to be augmented
with a higher capacity processor giving FARREL
POMINI significant throughput advantages over our
competition complementing the existing quality and
energy efficiency benefits.
The CP4000 scales up directly from the CP550 avail-
able for demonstration and testing in the USA and UK
laboratories. Scale-up ensures that what a customer
experiences when running a lab trial is what they can
expect on a larger scale on the CP4000.
New website launch
Farrel Pomini, Ansonia, USA
FARREL POMINI has launched a new website:
The website showcases the FARREL POMINI product
line, including a library of product brochures in a variety
of languages available for download. In addition, the
site offers information about aftermarket services, em-
ployment opportunities, industry event participation
and an inquiry form to facilitate visitor requests for in-
formation about products and services.
The crisp, modern website was developed in partner-
ship with image experts Welke Consulting Group and
the FARREL POMINI marketing department. The con-
tent was based on input from several departments.
With this new website, farrel-pomini.com and hf-mix-
inggroup.com now have very similar, user-friendly
‘We’re happy to have such a dynamic site where we
can demonstrate our areas of expertise and the solu-
FARREL POMINI’s new website launch:
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