tions we have to help companies meet their market
challenges,’ says Paul Lloyd, business unit director.
CP product video
Farrel Pomini, Ansonia, USA
FARREL POMINI launched their first product video
about the Compact Processor, the CP Series II™, and
is available for viewing on
and YouTube. The CP Series II™ is an integrated con-
tinuous mixer and extruder system with virtually unlimited
applications. The CP Series II™ is a proven solution for
compounding colours, master batches, PVC technical
polyolefins and engineering polymers.
‘We’re delighted to have such compelling product in-
formation available in a way that is completely user
friendly and accessible to companies looking to explore
this technology. When viewing on their own, the video
can provide customers with a summary understanding
of the Compact Processor and its benefits, as well as
serving as a tool for our salespersons and technical
employees when working individually with customers,’
says Paul Lloyd, business unit director.
The video development was overseen by Kurien Thomas,
FARREL POMINI engineering manager. It took several
months to develop the script and video images that
would best detail the CP’s features and benefits.
Business unit director retirement
Farrel Pomini, Ansonia, USA
Steve Peterson, Vice President/business unit director
of FARREL POMINI since its inception in 2011 retired in
December 2013. Steve started with Farrel Corporation
in 1969 and worked in many capacities throughout his
career including field sales and Vice President of Engi‑
neering from 2005 to 2011. Steve will return on a con-
sulting basis in 2014 where his vast experience and
knowledge of the plastics industry will continue to be a
tremendous asset.
Steve Peterson.
Discover top technology in the new CP Series II™ – easy to do from anywhere with the product video.
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