Valued Business Partners, Dear Colleagues
The world ‘is continuing to gather pace’!
The importance of mobility is growing in all four corners
of the earth. The pent-up demand in the world’s growth
regions is huge. Just as big are the sales figures for the
automobile industry on account of a shift towards these
markets. The international tyre manufacturers, who rep-
resent the largest customer segment for the HF MIXING
GROUP, are adapting to these market developments.
Production capacity is shifting, new factories are open-
ing in growth regions and tyres are being developed for
local markets and sold there. Our MIXING Service article
underlines how we at the HF MIXING GROUP are sup-
porting these developments locally – and doing so on a
permanent basis!
One development is dominant for tyre manufacturers in
the traditional markets – the increasing importance of so-
called premium tyres, also known as high-performance
tyres. Innovative tyre compounds of a very high quality are
continuously being produced in ever shorter development
cycles and are set to be manufactured with increasing
efficiency. In MIXING know-how, Michael Haupt, head of
tyre development at Porsche, provides an insight into the
requirements in relation to high-performance tyres from
the perspective of the sports car manufacturer.
This issue of HF MIXING TOGETHER focuses on our cus-
tomers’ key questions – and answers them with the vari-
ous approaches to solutions adopted by the HF MIXING
GROUP. Since mixing is an interdisciplinary technology,
these approaches are of interest to all of our customers
across the board, from manufacturers of tyres and tech-
nical rubber goods to producers of cable and brake lining
compounds. After all, irrespective of the applications, all
our customers have one thing in common – they tend to
be looking for a complete solution with the help of a reli-
able partner rather than an individual solution from a
supplier of machinery. At the HF MIXING GROUP, we
have assimilated this desire. As an efficient group of com-
panies developing solutions for mixing elastomers and as
a global supplier of continuous mixers for polymers, we
are currently devoting ourselves to this subject with more
than 1,000 employees. Whether an individual machine
is needed or a complete system with automation –
everything from one single source is our motto!
In the article ‘The MIXING GROUP’s world’, we present
our three technical centres and the associated added
value they bring, whether directly for our customers or
indirectly via the opportunity they provide to continually
enhance our core products. We have the innovative edge
and we want to keep it that way!
MIXING markets and MIXING highlights look at the tandem
process and the new ASMACool rollers and explore the
most efficient solutions for mixing temperature-sensitive
tyre compounds.
However, you should be under no illusion: we are not only
able to mix rubber. The introduction of UMIX, the universal
kneader developed by the HF MIXING GROUP, can be
used for a considerable number of applications, thereby
expanding both our and your mixing expertise. We are of
particular interest to the plastics industry with a com-
pletely different product: the continuous mixer is currently
the most energy-efficient machine concept for producing
highly filled master batches, whether black or white.
We are happy to allow you to take a look behind the
scenes: MIXING locations and MIXING members present
two important pillars of the HF MIXING GROUP: Farrel Ltd.
and HF NaJUS.
The world ‘is continuing to gather pace’ – and the HF MIXING
GROUP is keeping up with it!
Mark Meulbroek
Prof. Andreas Limper
Managing Directors of the HF MIXING GROUP
Prof. Andreas Limper and Mark Meulbroek
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