After one year together as part of the HF MIXING
GROUP, the managers of the individual business units
in the USA, Italy, Germany and Great Britain all see
things the same way in many respects. In essence,
there is broad acceptance of the brand among customers
and employees, the shared values are practiced and
the image as market leader is credible.
When several companies are brought together under a
new name, big changeover processes are involved – in-
ternally, but also in relation to customers and the public
image of the company. That is why we asked managers
from four locations in the USA, Italy and Great Britain to
tell us how they experienced the changeover, what has
changed for them and what kind of feedback they have
received from employees and customers.
‘The recall value of the brand is growing by the day and
our principles are understood by everybody. The nice
thing is that the employees understand these shared
values as something that unites everybody from the
various locations around the world,’ says Paul Lloyd,
business unit director at FARREL POMINI in Ansonia,
Connecticut, USA. ‘We have a consistent image on the
market and among our customers – that has to be
viewed as a positive thing,’ declares Riccardo Curti,
former business unit director in Castellanza, Italy. A
new name, a shared identity – and yet it is not just the
‘big picture’ that has changed, but also the many little
things in the individual locations of the HF MIXING
GROUP: while Ian Wilson, business unit director from
Rochdale, Great Britain, is especially happy about the
investment in the northern English production site and
One year on
The first 365 days under the same roof.
| MIXING story
four companies, one new name, one common identity.
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