Wilson sees it in the same way – and these positive
changes are making themselves felt ever more strongly.
Paul Lloyd from Ansonia is unable to confirm this.
‘But,’ says the Briton, who took on the role of manager
at the FARREL POMINI business unit at the beginning
of 2013, ‘that may also have something to do with the
fact that cooperation with other HF MIXING GROUP
locations in Connecticut is not quite as pronounced
as is the case at other locations, because, with the
continuous mixers, we serve different target groups
to the rest of the group.’
The process of finding an identity under a common
brand is also an important issue for the employees –
outsiders and customers may see this process and
its outcome completely differently, critically and maybe
even feel threatened by the strong position of the
new, large company. That has been Ian Wilson’s ex-
perience, anyway: ‘Some customers have expressed
concerns about the strong presence of the HF MIXING
GROUP on the market. They are afraid that we will
have a monopoly which we could exploit.’ His Italian
colleague Riccardo Curti backs him up on this point:
‘The HF MIXING GROUP is perceived on the market
as being a strong brand which holds a certain amount
of sway. I think many people are worried about the
Ian Wilson, business unit director from Rochdale, Great Britain.
A strong, consistent image in communication and advertising activities documents the cohesion within the HF MIXING GROUP.
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