in the Freudenberger research and development centre
are operated using the HF automation system ADVISE
ES. This superordinate system takes care of the entire
process management and documents all the available
process data such as weighing reports, rotor speeds,
compound temperatures and power consumption. This
permits precise analysis and processing of the mixing
The conference and training rooms, which are now also
ready, are equipped with state-of-the-art media tech-
nology. Besides being used for internal HF training
courses, they are also used for lecture events and sem-
inars with external cooperation partners and customers.
The head of the high-tech empire is Alexander Quast.
The 28-year-old is the personification of the HF MIXING
GROUP’s brand promise: pure passion. Despite his
tender years, the friendly man radiates remarkable
competence and authority. At the age of 16 he embarked
on his first training course to become a mechatronics
engineer at Harburg-Freudenberger and subsequently
worked all around the world as a service technician. In
2008 he returned to the classroom for two years at the
technical vocational college in Siegen, from where he
graduated as a certified electrical engineer. Since then
he has worked on various research and development
projects and has been managing the technical centre
for a year. He says that the HF technical centre has
Laboratory tests under production conditions: only in the HF technical centre in Freudenberg.
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