Whether a Manchester United or Manchester City fan, everyone plays in the HF MIXING GROUP shirt in Rochdale!
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Our location in Rochdale, Great Britain, has a very spe-
cial history: machines used in rubber production have
been built here for more than a century. Reason enough
to take a closer look at the home and the colourful history
of Farrel Ltd. as well as the origins of the legendary
Rochdale, home of Farrel Ltd., is in the north-west of
England. The nearest city is Manchester, known
throughout the world for its two great football clubs,
Manchester City and Manchester United. Incidentally,
Rochdale itself has a football club, known to the locals
as ‘The Dale’, which currently competes in England’s
League Two.
The town currently has a population of 220,000 and is
named after the River Roch which flows through the
middle of it. Its history can be traced back to the 11th
century; the oldest documents still in existence date
from 1242. Over the years, Rochdale has been twinned
with various other towns around the world, including
Peine and Bielefeld in Germany, Tourcoing in France,
Sahlwal in Pakistan, Lviv in the Ukraine and Sylhet in
The roots of the production facilities in Castleton, where
Farrel Ltd. now produces a wide range of mixers,
stretch as far back as the year 1900. Construction
work began on the company building in 1897 on land
which was completely undeveloped at the time. The
A look back:
the history of the ‘rubber
connection’ in Rochdale
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