| MIXING service
can coordinate many aspects from Freudenberg, we are
not always able to act quickly enough in other parts of
the world,’ says the experienced service manager ex-
plaining the situation. ‘For Russia, China and many other
markets in which the HF MIXING GROUP is active, we
have to apply for visas for our service staff and take into
account the individual customs formalities in each case.
As such, it is not always possible to guarantee a reason-
able reaction time.’ Being on hand locally is therefore
Global service structure
HF has invested a great deal of time and money in set-
ting up such regional service bases in recent years:
Europe is generally covered by the group’s own loca-
tions in Freudenberg (Germany), Rescaldina (Italy) and
Rochdale (UK). In addition, the group also has its own
service base in Paris, which looks after France, and a
service office in Barcelona, which is responsible for Spain
and Portugal. There is also a service base in Dubnica,
Slovakia, which will increasingly take care of customers
in Eastern Europe. As markets, Asia and South East Asia
are becoming ever more important to the HF MIXING
GROUP. As such, the best possible customer service
must also be offered here. That is why HF has set up
service bases for the Asian and South East Asian mar-
kets in Malaysia, China and India. South America is
covered by its own service base in Brazil, while the
whole of North America has its own company locations:
HF MIXING GROUP Ansonia, Connecticut, and espe-
cially HF MIXING GROUP Topeka, Kansas – a location
which not only carries out field service, but is also in a
position to manufacture specific components for rebuilds
and general overhauls. HF has its own service bases in
a total of 14 countries. Some of these work with other
local service partners to cover the various regional areas.
Among other things, this also ensures that the HF service
team can always communicate with its customers in
their own language.
Through regular training courses and professional devel-
opment, HF continually keeps the service team and ex-
ternal service partners up to date in relation to the
product portfolio and technology. The range of services
offered by the customer service team is wide: besides
regular maintenance work and inspections, the service
employees also carry out general overhauls, repairs and
modernisation work on existing machinery and systems.
They often also provide comprehensive technical advice
on the general condition of the equipment or the mixing
room. ‘Besides the pure mechanics, complex hydraulic
and pneumatic systems are playing an increasingly bigger
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