Events, seminars and
training courses
The HF MIXING GROUP is active everywhere –
spanning teams and locations.
The HF teams become rivals once a year, but only for 90 minutes and only on the football pitch.
| MIXING events
Doing things together enriches the individual, strengthens
the sense of community among colleagues and brings
people of different nationalities closer together. There
have also been numerous activities and events of this
kind over the past 12 months at the HF MIXING GROUP.
We report on some of them here.
Football tournament:
A shared passion for the beautiful game
6 July 2013, Rochdale, Great Britain
Summer 2013 was all about the beautiful game – no, not
the rivalry surrounding the FA Cup or UEFA Cup. Eng-
land played host to the HF MIXING GROUP’s company
tournament and fans of the sport travelled to Wales from
Germany, Italy and Slovakia at the beginning of July to
play against colleagues from Farrel Ltd. The venue was
the Curzon Ashton stadium on the outskirts of
Manchester. It may not have been completely sold out,
but countless fans turned up – mostly locals – giving
Team UK a clear home advantage! International shirts
and flags could be seen everywhere –a tournament
which was every bit as good as the major football events
of our time! The atmosphere was amazing, particularly
when the hosts recorded a convincing 4:0 win in the
opening game against a mixed international team of em-
ployees from Farrel, Pomini and HF NaJUS. It was then
the Germans’ turn to take to the field and the tension
mounted. The opponents were once again the ‘Inter‑
nationals’. Germany more than resoundingly staked its
claim to being tournament favourite with an 8:1 win.
Then came the classic of all classics: England versus
Germany. A tough battle for the ball ensued. The rivals
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