on the pitch were giving nothing away. There were even
rumours flying around that the earlier hike in the Peak
District had only been organised to make the German
opponents tired. If someone really did have such sinister
intentions, then they would have had to bury any hopes
a short time into the game. Germany ultimately proved
to be the stronger team, but England resisted with an
iron will and irrepressible team spirit. In the end, however,
the hosts had to admit defeat in a match that finished
1:2 and the team from Harburg-Freudenberger cele‑
brated. The summary of a German player after the game
sounded like the words of a professional: ‘England was
no easy opponent and we had to be at our best, but in
the end we deserved to win and we are naturally de-
lighted.’ Despite the odd blister on the players’ feet –
which are more used to wearing safety shoes than foot-
ball boots – it still turned out to be a wonderful evening
which the tournament players celebrated together. Accord-
ing to unconfirmed reports, many a refreshing pint of
draught beer was downed.
Summer picnic
19 July 2013, Ansonia, USA
FARREL POMINI held an inaugural summer picnic on
19 July at a local amusement and water park. There
were a number of activities including volleyball, bocci,
horseshoes, rides, water slide and a lake for swimming.
Everyone enjoyed lots of hamburgers and hot dogs. It
was a great time although it was one of the hottest days
of the year with the temperature close to 40 degrees
Centigrade. The waterpark had a lot of use!
Retirement party
5 December 2013, Ansonia, USA
On 5 December, Steve Peterson celebrated his retirement
from FARREL POMINI. There was a casual company
gathering at the USA Customer Laboratory with hors
d’oeuvres and refreshments. Mark Meulbroek, Board
Management Member, and Paul Lloyd, new FARREL
POMINI business unit director, talked about the high-
lights of Steve’s career and the many contributions he
has made to the company over the years. Steve was
joined by his wife, Karen, and two of his children,
Stephanie and Ron.
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