It all began five years ago: a group of adventurous stu-
dents from the University of Siegen got together with
the aim of developing and building a competitive For-
mula SAE sports car. Among the sponsors was the HF
MIXING GROUP, which not only gave the young team
financial assistance, but also made available its pro-
duction and workshop facilities in Freudenberg, mark‑
ing the beginning of a successful partnership. In 2013
the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and
industrial engineering students were now tinkering
away on Marla, an s3-13e sports car which, over the
course of the year, even made it into a race in Hocken-
heim and finished in an outstanding sixth place in Cata‑
lunya, Spain. In September 2012 a group of motivated
students came together to build a new Formula Student
racing car. They wanted it to be faster and lighter than
the previously designed car. In autumn, work began on
designing the various assembly groups such as the
chassis, gearbox, electronics and battery system. The
car had to outperform the s3-12e in every respect, while
remaining efficient and actually capable of being built.
After countless days, weekends and nights spent work‑
ing on various design programs and drinking endless
cups of coffee, Marla slowly began to take shape.
Shortly before Christmas 2012 the image of a complete
car appeared on the computer screen. The task now
was to turn the calculated values and designed parts
into reality – green light for production!
| MIXING culture
Full power: the Speeding Scientists with Marla, their s3-13e racing car.
Marla breaks the record –
a successful year for the
Speeding Scientists Siegen
Research brings people together, as the sponsoring partnership
between the HFMIXINGGROUP and a teamof student developers
from the University of Siegen shows.
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