There’s plenty happening here. All around the world, the
HF MIXING GROUP is not only involved in research, de-
velopment and the production of high-quality machinery,
but is also fully committed to nurturing young talent,
supporting social projects and cooperating with univer-
sities and research facilities. We would like to take this
opportunity to present some of the projects that have
kept us busy in 2013.
Lasting impressions – our appearance at
the Technology Day in Siegen
Getting young talent of the future interested in the HF
MIXING GROUP – in times of demographic change, that
is an important matter for our company. Also serving this
purpose was the ‘Technology Day’ in Siegen, which we
attended for the first time with our own stand in Septem-
ber 2013. The idea behind the event is to get children
and young people interested in technology and technical
careers. We were supported in our efforts by Eric Weier,
Markus Immhäuser, Saskia Dentel, Mats Kapteina, Anna
Hoffmann, Steffen Schneider, Fabian Quast, Michael
Hoffmann and Uschi Klein, who all volunteered to take
part in the event and took care of all the organisation.
The team was accompanied by Dr Harald Keuter.
The highlight of the HF stand attracted a huge amount of
interest: a 1:10 scale model of the internal mixer, com-
plete with rolling mill and batch-off unit. The model had
Technology Day –
a resounding success
Youngsters embarked on a technical journey of discovery
at the HF stand.
| MIXING culture
The trainees from HF Freudenberg brought the big world of technology to the small technicians of tomorrow.
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