HF MIXING GROUP offers its products and services
globally. We have stationed our technical field service all
over the world. Our technical field service takes charge
of the constant availability of our own machines and of-
fers excellent service. Not least for the securing of this
ambitious aim the companies have merged.
You can always rely on us. The base of each relationship
is a reliable and sincere way of acting. That is to be lived
and shown by all employees. Certainly this is only pos-
sible through an optimal cooperation of each individual
'team member'. Riccardo Curti describes the attributes
characterising the teamwork within HF MIXING GROUP
since the merger with the following words:
‘Up to now I am very satisfied with the teamwork, but I
definitely see potential for improvement. Everybody’s
working together to combine the different cultures and to
nevertheless preserve their own identity. Together we
want to achieve ambitious objectives that are all based
on the new brand strategy. During the last years, the in-
creasing work – which we of course owe to the whole
Group – has slightly caused some competitiveness at
our location. For this reason, we have to push the inte­
gration in order to further strengthen the positive team
spirit that surely already exists.’
Of particular importance for him is a company policy in
which people live what they say. ‘In doing so we should
unconditionally orient ourselves to our values. All teams
must develop a self-confidence and act with one another
as international team partners who coordinate and share
their objectives – in all areas (sales, planning, R&D, pro-
duction, IT and customer support). From now on we as
Group will use the already achieved level of integration
for further extending our strength of different experience
from all over the world.’
Paul White, business unit director at HF Rubber Machinery
in Topeka, USA, is of the same opinion. ‘Clear and precise
instructions regarding the responsibilities of each of our
business fields that must be communicated with all
employees are now of particular importance. If all depart-
ments and employees at a location know their jobs and
work together for the global objectives and not as much
for the own ones, then we will play in one team automat-
ically. The employees of HF MIXING GROUP are team
players. They only have to know for which team they have
to play. And the name of this team is HF MIXING GROUP.’
‘The employees of HF MIXING GROUP
are team players and the name of this
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