Steve Peterson, business unit director at Farrel Pomini
continuous compounding systems, sees the big chance
to become extremely successful in the HF MIXING
GROUP – especially in the markets in which we lost
many shares during the last years. For example, no more
investments and further developments were made in the
production of coloured materials. A first step in this di­
rection is an own laboratory for tests and presen­tations
for gaining new customers. In Peterson’s opinion also
sales and engineering have to broaden their horizon and
to develop new solutions. ‘Certainly also the target
groups in Europe can be reached better through the
merger, because we offer a complete system for the
plastics industry, from the planning over the develop-
ment up to the construction. Also long continuous mixers
are part of our repertoire.’
For him personally it is important that the team finds an
access to the ‘big picture’ of the HF MIXING GROUP.
‘We are at home especially in the plastics industry and
not in the processing of rubber. Nevertheless, we appear
as a team that has only one thing in mind: producing with
passion the best products for our customers and in doing
so becoming unbeatable. Securing satisfaction is always
demanding the best from ourselves – for a successful
future enduring also in further generations. This is our
common objective. That’s what we should work on. No
matter which country or culture we come from and
what our background is – the future belongs to the HF
Dr Harald Keuter, business unit director intermeshing
mixers, follows this opinion and summarises the advant-
ages of the merger as follows: ‘The merger offers huge
advantages for all of us. The market will demand more
and more better products which will increase the possib-
ilities for modern and highly developed equipment. A
good example for this is the ‘Tyre Labelling’ that came
up in Europe recently. It requires the use of most modern
and highly developed technology. In this context, the im-
portance of training sessions will also increase, which in
the end was the reason for the extension of the technical
centre in Freudenberg as a test and training centre.’
Further Dr Harald Keuter points out: ‘The HF MIXING
GROUP has a very high competence in process engin-
eering – through the merger we can better focus our
development capacities. This can already be seen in the
new ‘Best-of-Best’ products BM305N and Convex as
well as in the intensive cross-border cooperation in the
field of automation. Now and then of course there is still
a need to further build confidence, but already today we
have reached a rather trustful and efficient teamwork.
Furthermore, the sales is very well positioned as with the
merger of the companies all teams remained complete.’
He personally perceives that the initial mistrust is disap-
pearing more and more. He says that despite the difficult
and long process that forced each business unit to give
up a part of its products, the roles are now clearly defined
and would have to be communicated that way on the
market. ‘Only that way can everybody understand the
importance of his job. Besides the synergy meetings, an
important part of this communication is the cultural in-
tegration process that we started and that is based on
the values determined at all locations. If this succeeds,
the “football team” is formed even though we sometimes
play against each other just for fun,’ he points out with a
‘In the end, we are all very similar to each other as we
work in the same business, have nearly identical thoughts
as well as a long history and we all produce high-quality
products. A common brand identity, as for example with
this magazine, will further strengthen the team spirit,’ con-
cludes Dr Keuter.
Based on this strength, we are working together on be-
ing passionately the best. One team – one passion for:
premium products and services worldwide
low costs for maintenance, operation and
know-how from more than 150 years of
company existence
provision of binding and reliable statements
commitment to verified ISO quality
collaboration with highly-qualified cooperation
guaranteed highest customer benefits and satisfaction
comprehensive and long-lasting partnerships
openness to new things
‘No matter which country or culture
we come from and what our back-
ground is – the future belongs to
‘The target groups in Europe can be
reached better through the merger.’
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