technical centre carried out the ‘First German Mixing
Competition’ in collaboration with the DKG. The partic­i-
pants had to create a mixing process for a specified
recipe within a limited time – each team could run four
trials. Afterwards quality and speed were judged. The
main difference when making a comparison with our
conventional mixing seminars is that the communication
between participants was done via the Internet, thus
making it easier to share the process data together with
the trial analysis.
In addition, in the middle of last year, a number of training
sessions concerning the hydraulic ram position control
iRAM took place in the technical centre. The main target
audience were mechatronics fitters working in the field
service. They learnt how to commission and improve the
pressure control by means of using the newly developed
diagnosis tool. First results from the IM45E trials showed
a quality control improvement of approx. 50%. The train-
ing offer received very positive responses from the par­
Thanks to our employees
After the first year, we can look back on a booked out
calendar with many interesting projects. In this year the
dates for trials have already been booked out for months.
For even better customer service, we are currently plan-
ning the extension of our training facilities and we want
to develop an external training concept with correspond-
ing documents for each of the trainings.
The success of the technical centre would not have been
possible without our highly motivated employees. For
this reason, the Board of Management would like to take
the opportunity and give sincere thanks to all helping
hands that contributed to the development of the tech-
nical centre as well as to its unforgettable inauguration.
‘That speaks in the favour of our
excellent order situation and highly
qualified teams.’
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