In recent years, we have concentrated on developing the
specialisms of the individual companies within our
Group, and thereby have not only expanded our
strengths, but also improved the market position of the
entire HF MIXING GROUP. In cooperation with the Mana-
ging Director of the HF MIXING GROUP Dr Limper, Mixing
Together queried all the strengths and embarked on a
journey throughout the world of MIXING highlights to
reach the conclusion:
Three areas united
By the end of 2009, the multi-brand strategy of the HF
MIX­ING GROUP was abandoned and instead we focu-
sed on the individual strengths of each company, as
each was a leader in its class already: Farrel, in the field
of tangential mixers, Pomini, in twin-screw extruders and
Harburg-Freudenberger, in intermeshing mixers. Until the
end of 2009, the individual companies still had nine pro-
duct lines in the field of batch mixers (three per field: tan-
gential and intermeshing mixers as well as twin-screw
extruders); after the merger of the HF MIXING GROUP
there were only three left. During the conception of the
product lines all engineers shared
their best ideas. The result is strong products with high
market acceptance. Proof of which is the strong order
intake we are currently experiencing. This means that af-
ter the merger, we did not reduce
surplus staff
in the
areas of engineering and sales, but focused on the skills
of employees. As a result, we significantly improved in
terms of quality in product development and customer
In the exchange of ideas, all Group companies have
made valuable contributions: POMINI, with new plans for
the lubrication/supply of dust seals, Farrel, with the
bottom weight
and Harburg-Freudenberger, for example,
Mixing highlights
Together we are strong.
Technical centre Freudenberg, Germany
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