You are a part of the HF MIXING GROUP
Employees of the HF MIXING GROUP are our foundation
and our brand ambassadors. As part of the integration
process we will interview two employees per year, who
are working in the different Group business units.
Thereby we want to get to know each other in a better
way. No matter which unit, culture or country – we have
one thing in common: the passion to fascinate customers
worldwide for the HF MIXING GROUP’s products and
Mixing Together:
Describe yourself in a few sentences:
where are you from, what are your characteristics, family
situation, etc.?
Kurien Thomas:
Youngest of three children, I was born
and brought up in India and did all my undergraduate
studies in India until I moved to Manchester in the UK to
do my higher studies. In a family full of medical profes-
sionals, I was born a mechanical engineer. I currently
reside in the US, in a town called New Haven, home of
Yale University.
Mixing Together:
Where do you work, in which field,
and why did you choose this job?
Kurien Thomas:
I am the Engineering Manager at the
Farrel Corporation in the USA. My background is in me-
chanical engineering and I spent most of my years at
Farrel as a development engineer. I was always fasci-
nated with machines and how they work and if you have
a love for mechanical engineering there is no better place
to work than Farrel!
Mixing Together:
What exactly is your job in the com-
pany you work for; do you prefer any tasks in particular?
Kurien Thomas:
As the engineering manager, I oversee
the engineering functions, both mechanical and electrical,
for the Continuous Mixer business unit. I was a develop-
ment engineer prior to taking up this position and I am
still involved with the design and development of continu-
ous mixers, a job that I thoroughly enjoy.
Mixing Together:
How do you personally see the merging
of the different companies – do you like the idea of it or
Kurien Thomas:
The merging of the companies and the
subsequent separation of the business units allow each
location to focus on their core competencies. It gives the
business units considerable freedom to design, develop
and market their machines in a way that is best suited to
meet the needs of their specific customers. The business
units, while separated by their machine focus, operate
under the umbrella of the HF Mixing Group, allowing
free sharing of information, ideas and talent pool that
give the companies a competitive advantage unlike any
Mixing Together:
What does ‘Passion’ mean to you?
What do you think could be improved within the HF
MIXING GROUP to make everyone feel like a
team player’?
Kurien Thomas:
Passion to me is putting in the best I
can in everything I do. Passion drives success. People
like to be associated with a successful company. It
makes them proud of what they do at work and how
their work matters to the people around them. Impas-
sioned employees are a company’s asset and they drive
business success. A company that shares its success
with its people creates a sense of belonging. Effective
communication, encouragement, team building events
like group sports and activities and appropriate compen-
sation for their efforts are all ways to create a passionate
‘Passion drives success. People like
to be associated with a successful
Kurien Thomas, engineering manager, Farrel, USA
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