Mixing Together:
Describe yourself in a few sentences:
Where are you from, what are your characteristics, family
situation, etc.?
Camilla Campanini:
My name is Camilla Campanini and
I’m 43 years old! I’m married and I have got two children,
Alberto, 8 and Sofia, 2. I grew up in the countryside, but
ten years ago I moved to Legnano, a small town about
30 km from Milan. I like living here; I have all the advant-
ages of the city avoiding its defects like: traffic, smog,
crime. During winter we like to follow women’s volleyball
championship and we don’t miss a match of our beloved
team. But as soon as the temperature warms up we ‘run
away’ to the seaside because we adore it. When, at the
end of the day, I still have some time, I like to read adven-
ture books and biographies.
Mixing Together:
Where do you work, in which field, and
why did you choose this job?
Camilla Campanini:
I've worked at Pomini since 2005;
I started in the Automation department and in 2006 I
moved to Sales Management department as an assist-
ant. Before arriving at Pomini I worked in Milan at a
company of the Honeywell International Group and I was
involved in the sale of fire detection systems. I liked my
job, but after the birth of Alberto I wanted to work closer
to home so I accepted the Pomini offer. I can say that I
made the right choice!
Mixing Together:
What exactly is your job in the com-
pany you work for; do you prefer any tasks in particular?
Camilla Campanini:
At Pomini I work with all other
functions since I’m involved in a lot of activities that affect
all employees such as training and organising health
checks. In many cases, I’m the contact person for re-
quests or suggestions. Periodically I have to contact
various Italian associations such as Assocomaplast for
the preparation of statistics related to Italian machinery
sales in our field both in Italy and worldwide. I have to say
that ‘Made in Italy’ products always look to be outstand-
ing! On top of that I support sales managers and the
managing director with the management of contracts
and travel arrangements; furthermore I’m responsible
for arranging customer visits to Pomini for kick-off
meetings, inspections or presentations.
The favourite part of my job is organising trips, visits or
events. I like to be the reference, in Italy, for exhibitions
like Plast. I was very proud of our last HF MIXING GROUP
summer party because everyone had fun. We worked
very hard arranging this event and knowing that our col-
leagues enjoyed it, made me happy!
Mixing Together:
How do you personally see the mer-
ging of the different companies – do you like the idea of
it or not?
Camilla Campanini:
I’m convinced that, since we live in
a globalised, multicultural world, being part of a Group
that includes companies from different countries has to
be part of our life! I have to admit that at first I had some
doubts because Italian culture is so different from the
German or the English ones. But, after an initial period of
‘mutual study’, I’m sure that we definitely found a way to
interact with each other in the best way. To strengthen
such a feeling, I think it‘s important to have common
moments to meet and know each other outside the
‘I was very proud of our last HF MIXING
GROUP summer party because every-
one had fun. We worked very hard arran-
ging this event and knowing that our
colleagues enjoyed it, made me happy!’
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Camilla Campanini, sales assistant, Pomini, Italy
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