Annual mixing seminar held in the
technical centre in Freudenberg
9–11 May 2012, Freudenberg, Germany
During the annual mixing seminar held by the Deutsche
Kautschuk Gesellschaft e.V. (German Rubber Society) in
Freudenberg, speakers like Mr Wehmeier from Evonik
Industries AG and speakers like Dr Limper, Dr Berkemei-
er and Dr Keuter from the HF MIXING GROUP informed
about the basics of rubber mixing. National and interna-
tional participants travelled to Freudenberg to be infor-
med on the latest state of knowledge on technology.
During the practical part of the mixing seminar carried
out in our technical centre in Freudenberg, the partici-
pants formed teams and were given the task to define
the best possible mixing process for a specified recipe
within three trials.
We look back on a successful seminar in 2012 and are
looking forward to recruiting numerous participants and
interesting new contacts at the next mixing seminar
which will take place in Freudenberg 15–17 May 2013!
First German Mixing Championship
5 June 2012, Freudenberg, Germany
Following the mixing seminar of the DKG, the First Ger-
man Mixing Championship took place on 5 June 2012.
This championship was also organised by the DKG
together with our location in Freudenberg. Four teams of
companies from the rubber industry participated in the
championship. The aim of the competition was to let the
teams compete with each other in their skills and capa-
bilities in a direct comparison. Based on specified raw
materials, mixtures had to be developed during several
trials and the results had to be sent back via Internet to
the technical centre in Freudenberg where the mixtures‘
characteristics could be evaluated. One of the factors
examined was the product quality, specifically in terms of
viscosity and dispersion.
The winner of the competition was Continental Reifen
GmbH from Hanover. The team of Dätwyler Schweiz AG
from Altdorf, Switzerland, earned a second place and
third place was shared between the Freudenberg For-
schungsdienste KG team and the Henniges Automotive
GmbH team. The awarding took place in Nuremberg on
2 July 2012 on the occasion of the opening ceremony of
the German Rubber Conference.
HF MIXING GROUP summer party in Italy
29 June 2012, Castellanza, Italy
The annual HF MIXING GROUP summer Party was held
in 2012 on a very sunny and hot Italian afternoon at our
location in Italy. The employees of HF MIXING GROUP
travelled by airplane, bus and one group by bicycle with
pure passion to the location in Italy to meet their col­
leagues from the Group. In the Sports Centre of Boffalo-
ra Ticino, German, English and Italian teams faced each
other to elect the new HF MIXING GROUP Soccer
Champion for 2012. At the end of three tough matches,
played with great athletic spirit and fair play, the Italian
team won the tournament! The HF MIXING GROUP
summer party has been a wonderful day spent together
in joy and fun! After the match the party continued with
great food, 1,400 litres of Coke, water, wine and beer as
well as good music. We look forward to the next summer
party in 2013, which plays a huge role in strengthening
the Group all over the world.
Winners of the first German Mixing Championship
Summer party:
The cyclists drove 290 kilometres and up to 2,500 metres in height.
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