Better quality of life for sick children
The HF MIXING GROUP is committed to this organisation
because it helps children and their families to best deal
with the disease in the medical and psychological sense,
and promises them a good chance of recovery as well as
a restora­tion of quality of life. Donations are collected, for
example, through the sale of Christmas trees and Easter
eggs on the respective holidays.
Another organisation that is actively supported by us is
‘Mater Orphanorum’. This organisation helps disadvan-
taged children aged 3 to 11 to cope with difficult life situ-
ations in an appropriate way and accompanies them on
their way to a better future.
High-quality care for pupils
Today, in more and more families, both parents work. This
often brings the family under pressure. Although kinder-
gartens usually offer sufficient childcare for the little ones
with regard to time, in Germany primary school children
can mostly go to all-day schools when parents are working
full time. This has the disadvantage that off-peak times
such as school holidays and times before school or after
4 o’clock cannot be covered. This means that in total
there is a level of low flexibility. Furthermore, qualified
homework help is usually not possible.
The HF MIXING GROUP supports a pilot project of the
Protestant family centre ‘Sternenzelt’ in Freudenberg,
Germany, where the care of primary school children is
ensured in a way that is flexible in time and academically
demanding. This project is also supported by the European
Union as well as other partners in the Freudenberg region.
Parents can only perform well on the job, when they know
their children are being well looked after. In times of incre-
asing flexibility of working hours, this is becoming more
and more important and the HF MIXING GROUP is com-
mitted not only for socially motivated reasons, but also for
increasing employer attractiveness.
Many thanks to all donors – we wish all organisations
good luck and success in their important work!
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