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The successful implementation of the tandem
mixer technology can be considered a quan-
tum leap for the tyre industry. It offers such
high performance that it may well become the
standard in other areas of the tyre industry in the
future. This technology provides considerable
potential for improving the quality and efficiency
of practically every process in mixing facilities.
The ability to distribute the mixing process over
two machines is at the core of the tandem pro-
The top machine can take care of producing
the masterbatch, for instance, and is thus re-
sponsible for the quality of dispersion. It gen-
erates a high level of specific energy for mixing
in order to achieve a good dispersion of fillers.
If the ram is effectively applied, the mixture can
be more efficiently fed into the area between the
rotors and thus subjected to a high shear force.
The bottom machine is much larger and can
distribute the mixture components, for example.
This method offers many benefits. In the case
of reactive mixtures, it can be used to separate
the dispersion from the reaction so that they
practically run in parallel. Additionally, mixing
times can be shortened further for final mixes,
and entire mixing steps can even sometimes be
skipped for multi-step mixtures.
More features:
Tandem rotors with optimised intake
Very good degassing ability
Lubricant-free dust seals on the bottom
Proven sturdy construction
tandem mixer
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