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convex™ series
The HF MIXING GROUP developed the new
generation of twin-screw discharge extruder
following an extensive period of analysis and
development work. Its energy-efficient screws,
compact and sturdy construction and newly
designed fully hydraulic calender make it a reli-
able machine for a wide range of applications.
These characteristics give it an impressively
high throughput performance as well as opti-
mised temperature control without material
contamination. The unique features of CONVEX™
guarantee superior quality and mixing line per-
formance. As a result, Convex™ is already the
standard downstream equipment in the tyre in-
dustry for master batch lines as well as modern
final mixing lines. In addition, the HF MIXING
GROUP offers newly developed hard surfaced
rolls for processing silica compounds in order
to minimise sticking effects and increase the
service life of the rolls.
More features:
Fully automatic sheeting process
High efficiency and throughput
Compact layout
Intrinsically safe process
Effective compound temperature control
Good self-cleaning capability
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