HF MIXING GROUP - Brochure special application - page 11

Tangential rotors
The HF MIXING GROUP offers the broadest
possible choice of tangential rotors for the most
varied of tasks. You can select from the entire
range of developments from HF, Farrel and
Pomini in our Banbury
series of mixers. Our
product portfolio includes aggressive master-
batch mixing rotors with extremely high specific
energy output and all-purpose products such as
rotors that are trimmed to the requirements of the
final mix. Out of our entire product range of
rotors, the balanced mixing characteristics of the
NST™ rotor have made it a trusted performer in
the industry. Please contact us for detailed
information about our range of rotors. We will be
happy to advise you.
More features:
New rotor geometries for tangential
Advanced Super Cooled
rotors for
excellent temperature control
Sturdy rotor design that has been tried
and tested
Optimised rotor alignment to eliminate
dead zones
Customised hard surfacing for individual
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