HF MIXING GROUP - Brochure special application - page 17

The cable industry
The demands put upon mixture quality and
purity in the production of high-quality cables
are especially high. The compounding facility
solutions developed by our group therefore
address these requirements with the most mod-
ern equipment components. For instance, fully
automatic loading systems can be integrated
with intermeshing kneaders as well as a single-
screw discharge extruder with strainer head and
granule or strip cooling systems according to
the latest technical understanding. Automated
solutions specifically tailored to the needs of
special applications and detailed construction
design round off our services.
More features:
A single source for all mixing room
Compounds of the highest quality
with the latest intermeshing mixing
In-line straining and granulation with
a single-screw discharge extruder
Persistent and reliable mixing room
control system all of a piece
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