HF MIXING GROUP - Brochure special application - page 18

WPC and natural FIBRES
Our group has developed innovative compound-
ing facility solutions for wood plastic compos-
ites (WPCs) and natural fibre-reinforced plastics
(NFPs) based on internal mixer technology. This
allows processes to be optimised for different
material requirements quickly and easily. The
results in this case are ‘ready-to-use’ granules
for injection moulding or extrusion processes.
As an experienced technology partner, we have
thereby set new performance benchmarks in
this market segment.
More features:
No need for the costly pre-handling of
fibres, e.g. cutting and pelletising
No pre-drying of raw materials required –
even with moisture content far above 20%
High filler percentages of 80% or more
can be realised
No thermal damage thanks to the use
of modern process controllers
High degree of system flexibility
Significantly better production
Much lower moisture absorbance of
the end product
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