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E series
The Intermix
E is a prime example of inter-
meshing machine technology. It is the top per-
former by far in the technical rubber goods
industry. The PES5 rotors feature unique inter-
meshing wing technology that ensures the
homogenous distribution of all mixture compon-
ents and the highest possible degree of disper-
sion. The rotor design and optimised cooling
behaviour also enable all of the machine com-
ponents that come into contact with the mixture
to efficiently process single-step mixtures. The
E is often operated in its optimised
form in the field of special applications. High
rotor speeds are helpful for the effective melting
of thermoplastics, including extremely abrasive
mixture components such as those contained
in brake pad mixtures, which also require spe-
cific protective measures against wear. The HF
MIXING GROUP is pleased to present the flex-
ible Intermix
E series and its wide range of
More features:
Highly effective cooling
(Super Cooled
Crack-free special hard surfacing
Innovative ram pressure control
Optimised dust seal system
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