HF MIXING GROUP - Brochure technical rubber goods - page 12

At the HF MIXING GROUP, we developed the
CONVEX™ series for customers in line with our
‘best of the best’ philosophy. It is the new gen-
eration of twin-screw discharge extruder. Its
energy-efficient screws, compact and sturdy
construction, and fully hydraulic calender make
it a reliable machine both for conventional and
diverse applications. These features give it an
impressively high throughput performance with
optimised temperature control and very good
self-cleaning behaviour. These unique character-
istics guarantee the superior quality and perform-
ance of mixer lines. As a result, the Convex™
series is an interesting alternative to mills in the
technical rubber goods industry.
More features:
Fully automatic sheeting process
High efficiency and throughput
Compact layout
Intrinsically safe process
Effective compound temperature
Good self-cleaning capability
convex™ series
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