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We have consolidated our globally established
automation solutions in the Advise
product line
to offer you ‘the best of the best’. With multiple
mixer lines, high throughput and complete control
of the material flow thanks to a flexible, modular
design that can be fully scaled, it is the optimal
solution for the technical rubber goods industry.
It is therefore very easy to configure Advise
your specific needs and preferences without
having to create special solutions – a feature
that you will value just as highly as the intuitive
operation and the straightforward application of
sophisticated technology.
The key to the success of the Advise
lies in its networking capability, which optimally
links all machines and workstations in the mix-
ing facility. Our team of experts is constantly
working to develop solutions with long-term
benefits for you. With the Advise
system, we
cover the full automation of an entire mixing
facility, from raw material storage, automated
weighing of small components, and automatic
weighing of fillers and softeners to the mixing
process itself, open mills, single-screw and
conical twin-screw discharge extruders, other
downstream components and mixture storage.
More features:
A coherent, durable and reliable mixing
room control system
Use of latest web-based programming
Modular system design with individual
Full mixing room visualisation for easy
Specific closed-loop process controller
for improved mixing efficiency
Full process data acquisition and
Strong development team with ‘real
life’ testing capabilities in our technical
Certified, long-term development
Standard communication interfaces
to ERP and LAB systems
Very flexible step-by-step control
Complete material tracking system
mixing room Automation
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