HF MIXING GROUP - Brochure technical rubber goods - page 9

VIC series
The Intermix
VIC is another technical high-
light for intermeshing machine technology. This
machine type supplies an additional and unique
processing parameter of great importance for
the technical rubber goods industry because it
allows the gap between the rotors to be adjusted
during the mixing process. A large gap makes
it significantly easier to draw the raw materials
into the mixing chamber, while a narrow gap
increases the quality of dispersion. Thanks to
the gap adjustment option, the machine can be
used very flexibly. Like the Intermix
E, it deliv-
ers high specific energy into the mixture in the
shortest time thanks to the favourable relation-
ship between volumes and cooling surfaces.
More features:
Variable distance between rotors for
optimal mixing process steps
Fast intake and adjustable shear level
Flexibility for different process applications
(mastication, remilling masterbatches and
final production)
Durable crack-free hard facing for
extended lifetime
Hydraulic ram with highly accurate
pressure control
Hydraulic dust seals with multiple cylinder
concept (HCD) for a superior seal and easy
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