10 May 2021 (Freudenberg, Germany) HF MIXING GROUP is pleased to announce its Business Unit FARREL POMINI has completed an investment in WF RECYCLE-TECH, a United Kingdom company with a patented pyrolysis system for recycling end-of-life tires. The WF RECYCLE-TECH system offers a distinct and pioneering approach to the pyrolysis methods currently available.

The partnership, made official in February 2021, allows WF RECYCLE-TECH to leverage the strength of Farrel Continuous Mixing Technology as well as FARREL POMINI’s engineering and capital equipment manufacturing capabilities to create a solid platform within the pyrolysis sector closing the tire recycling loop by bringing to market a unique and reliable system for processing end-of-life tires and producing viable recovered material outputs.

According to Ian Wilson, HF MIXING GROUP Co-CEO, “We are delighted to announce FARREL POMINI’s investment and partnership with WF RECYCLE-TECH. We feel it brings significant advantages to the group with the opportunity to utilize the patented system or it outputs. As a global supplier of equipment to the tyre and technical rubber industries, these innovations will help drive the closing of the tire recycling loop and improve sustainability across several of our business sectors and lead to more environmentally neutral solutions.”

HF MIXING GROUP is one of the world’s most recognized names in rubber and tyre manufacturing equipment. With over 150 years of global experience in the fields of engineering and manufacturing, HF MIXING GROUP possesses unparalleled knowledge of the tyre industry and is the leading supplier of equipment to multi-national tire manufacturers. The group enjoys a rich history of innovation with many significant inventions in the rubber processing industry originating within an HF MIXING GROUP member company.

For more information about HF MIXING GROUP, visit the company website at www.hf-mixinggroup.com.

For more information about WF RECYCLE-TECH, visit their website at www.wfrecycle-tech.com.