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Once the requisite quality has been achieved in the laboratory,

the processes are scaled up to the production equipment. Here

the Technical Center provides all of the possibilities of a modern

mixing room.

Depending on the specific needs, test runs can be performed under

near-production conditions on the tangential or the intermeshing

mixer line. All of the equipment is linked to our in-house ADVISE


automation system, in order to ensure that you obtain reliable and

robust results.

The following equipment is available for testing:

BN 20N mixer (tangential rotor system)

IM 45E mixer (intermeshing rotor system)

UMIX 80 TSS mixer

(universal mixer without forced supply system)

Batch transport system for free selection

of downstream aggregates

ø 550 x 1500 production mixing rolling mill

(downstream aggregate)

CONVEX 2 twin-screw extruder

(downstream aggregate and slotted nozzle/

underwater pelletising)

Batch-off system for cooling the mixing skins