HF MIXING GROUP - Brochure special application - page 19

Sustainability and recyclability are indispensible
for reaching ecological goals. The recycling of
thermoplastics in particular is gaining in impor-
tance. Discontinuous internal mixer technology
offers a solution that meets industrial standards
in this area as well. The large feeding door of the
inner mixer allows equally large volumes of plastic
components to be added directly to the recy-
cling process without being shredded first. Any
impurities that might be contained are filtered out
during the process. This method allows the pro-
duction of plastic granules from 100% recycled
materials, polymer blends, and WPC and NFP
granules with varying proportions of recycled
materials without any difficulty.
More features:
Easy material feeding thanks to the large
intake door
No pre-cutting or pre-drying processes
Extremely robust machine design with
adaptable hard surfacing systems
A single source for all mixing room
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