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Every aspect of our business is based on sustainability and the

long term. Good customer relationships and enduring customer

satisfaction are more important to us than short-term profit. We

therefore invest regularly and heavily in staff, in research and de-

velopment and in production facilities. This investment pays off

in low staff turnover, a high degree of innovation, and success in

our overall performance. Sustainability for us includes the duty to

provide customers with lifetime servicing and replacement parts for

our machines so that they can confidently plan for the long term.

Security and sustainability are important factors, and not just for

products and services. Our stable shareholder structure gives se-

curity as does our organisational set-up with its built-in backup

procedures. Just as important are healthy, motivated and well-

qualified staff. We know that health promotion at work is an invest-

ment in the future so we are pursuing this by, for example, running

our own company gyms.

Reliable organisational structure

Innovation management

Secure corporate structure