Experience pure mixing!
For almost one year, the new technical centre in Freuden-
berg, South Westphalia, Germany, has been part of the
HF MIXING GROUP, offering beneficial services to our
customers and employees in equal measure. The inaug-
uration themed ‘HF Mixing Days’ took place between
16 to 17 February 2012. This event was a raving suc-
cess, packed full of entertaining programmes with more
than 250 participants who attended from all over the
Many guests from the tyre, technical rubber goods and
cable industries along with different compounders and
universities came to our small town in the Siegerland
region and contributed to a very interesting interchange
of thoughts as well as to the development of innovative
ideas. Moreover, among the visitors were top-class
speakers from economy, research and politics. One of
them was the automobile professor Ferdinand Duden-
höffer from the University Duisburg-Essen who talked
about the global automobile market in the new millennium.
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